Saturday, 20 October 2012

Blackberries for Breakfast

It's Saturday morning, had my lie in and then started to feel a little peckish.

Wandered downstairs and fancied something a little different and decadent.  There was no crumble left :(  which is my usual decadent (if a little naughty) breakfast with minimum effort!

On weekdays I usually do some porridge.  It's perfect, fills me up and all I have to do is throw a couple of table spoons of oats and a little milk - straight in the microwave and job done.  A little bit of my rosehip and apple jelly to sweeten.  Quicky breakfast.

But this morning was a weekend morning, I couldn't just have porridge.  That would be boring.  You need a little decadence on a weekend - we work hard all week, we need a little bit of something special on the weekends.  Not much in the fridge for inspiration.  My utility room has about 4kg of apples storing nicely, they wouldn't do... but fruit ... hmmm... I like sweet things and the freezer's full of freshly foraged goodies.  The only ones that would really do as fast food are blackberries.

Today's method:

Bashed the frozen bag a little to loosen up a few blackberries and tossed them into the bowl with a few spoonfuls of porridge oats and some milk. 

Microwaved for 3 mins (the blackberries need a few minutes to thaw)

Poured a little honey for extra weekend decadence...

And enjoyed the most wonderful, filling, fruity, weekend breakfast.  One of the highlights is that it turns the porridge purple!