Friday, 12 August 2011

Pickled Nasturtium Seeds

Nasturtiums have really brightened up my summer salads this year with their peppery leaves.  I think I'm hooked!

If you haven't tried these flavourful leaves I highly recommend you try them.  Nasturtiums are in the same family as water cress.

And in my garden and my community gardens right now, the nasturtiums are growing thick and strong in great clumps with their cheerful yellow and red flowers in all their different varieties.  

This summer I found out you could eat the seeds too!   The seeds pack a really good punch too and can be used in the place of capers to spice up salads.  You can even pickle them to ensure that this summer season delight can brighten up autumn, winter and spring meals too.

The first step is to put the seeds into a jar with a tablespoon of salt and fill the jar with water. Leave for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, rinse the seeds in water

Dry the seeds on kitchen towel and pat dry.

Next step is to prepare the vinegar and flavourings.

Chop your favourite chilli.  Ideally the chilli should be fresh from your garden, greenhouse or windowsill.

And add them to a saucepan.

Then add 12 peppercorns (or a small handful).

And a tablespoon of salt.

Finally add 400 ml of white wine vinegar and simmer for 10 minutes.

While the vinegar is simmering, start to put the nasturtium seeds in a sterilised jar.  Put a single layer of seeds down.

Then a layer of finely chopped onion.  Then continue with an alternating layer of each seeds, onions, seeds, onions etc. 

When you have finished filling the jar, the vinegar mixture should have simmered long enough.  Allow to cool, then pour the mixture into the jar.

After a week you will be able to add your pickled nasturtium seeds to salads, pasta, meat dishes - anything which you would like to add a peppery flavour.


Nasturtium seeds       About 100g (or a good handful)
Salt                            Tablespoon
White Wine Vinegar  400ml
Peppercorns              12 (or a small handful)
Chilli                           1
Onion                         1

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