Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Asparagus - How do you eat yours?

I love this season.  You know the one... when asparagus starts gracing local farmers markets with its lovely presence.  Our very own delicacy which grows so easily over here.  A real treat in the eating seasonal food calendar.

These were the first sprigs I bought so I really wanted to do them justice. 

I smeared home made spring garlic pesto all over them and roasted them with some slow roasted tomatoes that I harvested from my garden last autumn.

The garlic pesto was made with garlic I started growing last autumn but in the spring, before we were about to move to Birmingham, I noticed what looked like white rot on one bulb.  Not wanting to risk transporting infected garlic to my new garden in Birmingham, I made a very powerful pesto with all the parts of the garlic that had grown so far.  The result is probably the most potent garlic pesto I have ever tasted and it really complements roasting vegetables - and it tastes devine with asparagus!

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