Sunday, 17 June 2012

Garlic Pesto

When I left my last garden, I wasn't sure whether to take my garlic with me or do something culinary with it.

For the sake of easing our muscles in a very long distance move I opted for the culinary.  (It also looked like one bulb had been taken by white rot).

And what a good idea it was... I came up with garlic pesto to use up my juvenile garlic shoots.  Its incredibly strong but an amazing garnish for roasting asparagus in - it just tastes devine!!


50g garlic shoots, bulbs - anything that looks fresh on the garlic plants
50 ml Lemon/Lime juice
150 ml Rapeseed Oil
Salt to taste


1.  Chuck everything into a blender until everything's well mixed and looks like pesto
2.  Pour into a bottle.  If the pesto is not liquid enough, add a bit more oil and shake it in the bottle until well mixed. 

We called our bottle of garlic pesto "Brathway Garlic" to remind us of our last home which was on Brathway Road, Wandsworth.

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