Sunday, 31 July 2011

Squash Flower Salad

Its squash or cucurbit season in my garden. Well it really started at the beginning of July but its cranking up to full swing now which is amazing.  Every day something to eat from the garden - and now we have some sunshine maybe the tomatoes will finally turn yellow or red (depending on the varieties).

In the midst of my tomato impatience, I have my lovely squash plants to keep me company and to keep me fed.  Patty pans, large squash, gem squash and courgette.  The patty pans and courgettes give the best flowers and I like to add these to my salads, but today as I have a bit of a glut of flowers I decided to make a flower salad.

It is the most basic of salads as garden fresh salad doesn't need much preparation... but I divided the squash petals removing the sex part of the flower (which will go to my wormery) and placed them in a bowl, I added a handful of nasturtium leaves for some peppery flavour and some borage flowers. 

Borage is said to having a destressing effect so I like to add it to my salads, not that I am stressed with all the gardening but it might be thanks to the borage flowers!

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