Friday, 8 July 2011

Stuffed Pepper

I had a lonely pepper in my fridge yesterday and not many more veg in the fridge except for some fresh garlic (by fresh I mean never been dried) and some goats cheese.  Wanted to do this pepper some justice, I thought I would try a stuffed pepper.  I've never tried stuffing peppers before but it turned out amazingly well so I thought I would share this one:


Sweet pepper of your choice (there are loads of varieties, but choose one that has a shape that is easy to stuff)
40g goats cheese (or as much as to fill the cavity of the pepper)
garlic cloves
Ground black pepper to garnish (or you could try ground chilli if you prefer)
1.  Cut your pepper in half and fill with the goats cheese (or soft cheese of your choice)
2.  Squash in as many cloves as you would like, or your pepper accommodates
3.  Grind some black pepper over the top
4.  Roast in the oven for about 20-30 mins on about 140 C (but keep checking it to make sure its melting nicely and not too quickly and adjust the temperature accordingly)

The smell of these when they were ready was simply divine and eating them even better still.  The only downside?  I ate them too quickly!!

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